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Thursday Movie Picks Television Edition: Time Travel


Another last Thursday of the month and it means it’s time for some television recommendations – the post I love the most even though I sometimes struggle with the theme. This time around the theme was time travel, which turned out to be quite a good one for me. Especially considering the fact that all these shows in my list are really really good in my opinion. And surprise surprise, I actually managed to list four shows this week because there…

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# 101 – Being Erica (mostly)

Mettel Ray Tv-show

Sometimes I get lucky and I find a good TV-show that isn’t from the States, usually it means that the show is either from Australia, UK  or Canada. (Which means I like shows that are in English.. I have to admit, I’m not even a big fan of Estonian shows so that kind of proves that I’m weird with “my” languages.) But let me just stop rambling about myself and start talking business.. Being Erica is at the moment the…

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