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CB: Drop Dead Tired & This Is America

Commercial Break

Considering I had a pretty free week, I did absolutely nothing. I even managed to forget my blog-birthday which is the first time that has ever happened. Watched only one movie, binged a on shows and didn’t read anything! And the listened to This Is America for 100 times in a row. So yes, I’m wasting my time left and right, later feeling guilty about it. I’m doing great!…

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Trip Down Memory Lane: 8 Blog Posts From 8 Years of Blogging

Mettel Ray

On Tuesday my blog celebrated its 8th birthday all by itself because it’s creator had completely forgotten! To make up for my absent celebration, and for being such a lousy blog-owner, I decided to walk down memory lane. More importantly, I decided to share 8 random posts from each year Mettel Ray has existed since 2010. And considering the first few years were rough, there are some pretty funny as well as cringe worthy posts in this little list.…

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Commercial Break #40

Extra Mettel Ray

Well well well. It’s another year that has gone by like that, and Mettel Ray has aged another full year! 6 years of blogging, 6 years worth of posts and growth, that sometimes feels like a task, but mostly, like a part of me that I can’t shake. This year I haven’t planned for anything, I don’t even have an idea for something spectacular. And I guess it’s fitting, just like my own birthdays became more subdued, Mettel Ray’s blog…

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