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CB: Where the F*ck Have I Been / Break Recap Part 1

Commercial Break

It’s November?!? Oh how the time flies. Especially when one takes a somewhat unexpected sort of a (but not really) break from blogging. But breaks are important. Breaks allow us to recharge, regroup and re-energise our lives. So I’m hoping to be a bit more lively in November, even though I have a super busy month ahead. But I had a feeling I needed to bring back Commercial Break today!…

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RIP Burt Reynolds It’s a bitter coincidence that my 2018 Blindspot October pick happens to include one of Burt Reynolds’ famous roles. Reynolds, who died a little over a month ago, was a film legend in his own right. My first Boogie Nights experience was definitely affected by seeing this man on screen so soon after his passing. But the movie also features Phillip Seymour Hoffman, which simply adds salt to the wounds. Because its Hoffman’s early passing, leaving his…

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