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# 181 – Hall Pass


Hall Pass was again one of those comedies that I didn’t think much about and I was just looking for a good laugh. The common effect of those movies is just a simple entertainment for the night and nothing else. Although this movie was directed by the same guys who brought to us the forever in our DVD collection (probably) There’s Something About Mary, Hall Pass falls short of its fast and heartwarming humor that is also very much obscene.…

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# 99 – 6in1


Hemingway’s Garden of Eden: I’m a little bit behind on my Hemingway reading and apparently I have been so behind that I even missed this so what erotic movie based on his novel. It is actually being released in the States this year but it was made in 2008. Jack Huston plays the leading man along side with Mena Suvari who is the leading lady (an Italian actress Caterina Murino also has a big role). Huston and Suvari get similar…

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