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Tomorrowland (2015)


There is a spoiler or two here and there. Despite the fact that Tomorrowland runs for two hours and ten minutes, there isn’t much going on that I would be able to grab on and discuss endlessly. I understand what the movie tries to achieve but all these elements like the futuristic world, a little robot girl, scary robots and George Clooney put together just doesn’t work. It doesn’t wow, it doesn’t thrill, it just is and considering the possibilities…

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# 124 – Arthur Christmas


“Polar a hat!” You know how I sometimes say that the trailer is badly made (because most of them are), well – animated movies are different that way because they give themselves the opportunity to do something extra as a trailer. Like with Despicable Me and the “mooo”-toy – it wasn’t in the movie but it was freakin’ hilarious! And Arthur Christmas is an animated movie that comes out on November 2011 (quite a long wait) but has already…

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