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Independence Day

EV100: A 100 Scenes From a 100 Estonian Movies


Today is a day of celebration here in Estonia, and I wanted to celebrate as well. Last time I did a post similar to this to celebrate my 1000th post here on Mettel Ray, and it was fun. A little crazy but mostly fun! This time I’m sharing a 100 scenes from a 100 Estonian films, from 1924 to 2017. Many movies from the beginning of the list haven’t survived, but images have. For me, the selection ended up being…

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Thursday Movie Picks: Rescue


This theme seemed so difficult for me in the beginning because I was so stuck with the idea of rescuing a person, or a group of people. Then I thought, saving the world is also a rescue mission – duh! So after that obvious realisation, I was noting down so many movies and before I knew it I had my list. All three movies have something to do with the world sort of ending, two of them made me cry…

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