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Favourite Performances of Immoral Characters


Recently I was slapped in the face by the Internet being stupid, which is something I rarely comment on because I know it won’t help. BUT when Sam Rockwell’s winning streak is being criticised, with arguments that he plays an unlikable character Dixon, who represents everything that is wrong with our society (a racist and homophobic cop) and that’s why Rockwell doesn’t deserve to win, I take offence and fight back. That is also the reason why I sat down…

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Hannibal (Pilot)


Though this post is mostly about the pilot, there are also arguments from the second episode. Though, no need to be frightened, I kept it spoiler free! This post comes with a slight delay (the pilot actually aired last week) since I wasn’t quite sure what kind of thoughts I had about Hannibal. One could say, after seeing two episodes, that I’m still indifferent with it. There’s something off about the show and yet, I can’t really put my finger…

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