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# 226 – Weeds (TV-show special)


Before I get to the post I just want to admit that I had watched the first couple of episodes before giving up on it and then basically forgetting the show for years. Then I had nothing to do and I stumbled on it and watched the entire series in four or five days. The seventh season just ended and left us with a cliff-hanger – oh the long wait. I decided to do the post in a new way,…

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# 94 – R.E.D


Was that a surprise! I had seen the trailer, I kind of knew something about it, I knew Bruce Willis was in it, Hellen Mirren, Morgan Freeman, John Malkovich and Mary-Louise Parker had a part also. This was probably it, maybe a little excitement too cause I think Bruce is kind of a cool guy. But that was it.. and then what happened? Today I saw this movie and I liked it! Honestly, the best action/comedy movie this year! The…

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