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Thursday Movie Picks: Financial World


This is such an ironic theme since I feel like I’m not good at financial stuff and adulting in general. I actually went into the bookstore on Tuesday, and walked out with a tiny mug that said “I can’t adult today”. I say tiny because my coffee mug is 0,8 litres (not joking guys, I like my mugs HUGE), and this one is like 0,33 max. Still going to use it though, mostly as a prop but like I said,…

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# 262 – Moneyball


This is definitely one of the Academy Award movies since it already has been nominated for four Golden Globes (Best Drama Movie, Best Actor, Best Supporting Role, Best Screenplay) and usually those big nominations end up getting some Oscars as well. I watched Moneyball before I heard about the nominations (though I had my share of suspicions that this Pitt’s movie is up for some awards) and although most of the baseball terms were a complete mystery to me I…

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