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Sam Worthington

Manhunt: Unabomber (Mini-series)


Those, who have wondered over to this part of the Internet, and have stumbled onto my review should know that I have a fascination towards serial killers. Shows such as Criminal Minds, CSI and Mindhunter are exactly the kind of shows that feed my curiosity, Zodiac and Se7en being among my favourite films. But none of those have achieved quite that level of emotional confusion which Manhunt: Unabomber managed to deliver. This review sort of contains spoilers.…

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Man on a Ledge


Let be start by saying that I had set high hopes for this movie after I saw the trailer. Looked very Phone Booth type of a scenario with some extra action on the side. Turned out, only thing in common was the fact that the events were focused on a certain area of the city, I wanted more though. So on the context of the idea, the movie would have been rather brilliant IF they had done it a lot…

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