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The Killing: Rosie Larsen


As a big fan of television series, no matter how many of them I have on my plate, I was excited to start off with a new crime show that was set to have one case in terms of the entire series. That of course changed when the final episode of season 2 revealed the killer but I guess they are planning to take on a whole new case when they decide to continue but this post is going to…

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# 163 – The Vampire Diaries: Season 2 Episode 17

Extra Tv-show

I usually don’t do posts about certain episodes since I watch like 25 shows during a week and that you know, would overwhelm the whole movie blog with TV-show stuff and I don’t want that to happen. But as I was waiting for Vampire Diaries return the more I wanted to see the episode with the returning Isobel. The 17th episode had some cliffhangers and well they sure managed to bring to the surface a lot of problems for our…

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