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The Crown, Season 1: A Daughter, A Sister, A Wife & A Queen


Nothing expresses the dynamic of the show better than the image above. Together, yet distant, is how the relationships in the royal family feel like. Not only among the parents and their children, not just between the siblings. But most importantly, between a wife and a husband. The Crown does a brilliant job at delivering one of the most important history lessons! All while keeping the integrity and the intrigue well contained in a binge worthy package.…

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CB: Adulting & Binging On Netflix

Commercial Break

I’m starting to feel like there’s not enough life happening for me to post every Monday. I do things, I binge watch things (thanks, Netflix!), but it feels like I could be doing more. That being said, I won’t stop posting every week but I’m simply warning you that there’s not a lot happening right now.…

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