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Thursday Movie Picks Television Edition: Non-English


This is probably the hardest television challenge I have to endure this year because I do not watch any television shows that are non-English. And, to make matters worse, I don’t even watch Estonian shows, which could make this list easily the simplest. But no such luck and I have to wiggle myself out of this one by creating a theme into a theme! In other words, all my picks for this week’s shows are English versions of non-English television…

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The Killing: Rosie Larsen


As a big fan of television series, no matter how many of them I have on my plate, I was excited to start off with a new crime show that was set to have one case in terms of the entire series. That of course changed when the final episode of season 2 revealed the killer but I guess they are planning to take on a whole new case when they decide to continue but this post is going to…

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