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Commercial Break #21


It was spring and now, winter is coming! It is almost symbolic considering the fact that Game of Thrones starts next month and like so many others, I’m pretty darn excited! Though it’s been mostly about books lately, I did also manage to catch up with all my favorite shows, including Shameless which keeps disappointing me. Then again, nothing’s more disappointing than this awful weather we have outside.…

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My Relationship with Television (Fall 2014)

Extra Tv-show

Being a huge fan of television shows and having published a post about all the new ones airing this fall, I figured it was about time I’d write a post about what is happening with my television schedule! There are a lot of different kind of emotions going around, a variety of feelings so I decided to give this post a little unique twist to make it more fun.…

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# 123 – The Walking Dead


Remember The Shawshank Redemption? Well you should, it’s only like the number one best movie of all times in IMDb Top 250 movies. Anyway, if you do remember and if you liked it, you’ll probably gonna like The Walking Dead – or maybe not, cause it came as a total surprise to me that the same writer (based on the short story by Stephen King)/director of Shawshank Frank Darabont is doing the newest mini-series (I have heard about) The Walking…

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