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400th blog post celebration

Extra Mettel Ray

400 might not be an important number to some but for me it actually is somewhat special. I have been waiting for it for quite some time now actually, the big round number of 400. Seeing the number getting closer and closer just made me realize that I’m almost at 500, then, soon I will be a 1000 and then.. I don’t know. Okay, I might me exaggerating because getting to 400 has taken me almost three years. On this…

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# 231 – Tim Burton (Director special)

Director Movie

This is it, my first director special and I chose Tim Burton to have the honor of being the first one I write about. I don’t really know the reason but I thought that since I’ve seen so many of his movies it might be pretty content-rich. Hoping that this wouldn’t be the first and the last director special I’m gonna start off with Burton and his creations. Born in August 25, 1958 Burton showed early signs of creativity and…

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# 111 – Charlie and the Chocolate Factory


Before I came a critic (almost have the paper to prove this fact) I watched a lot of movies. Now that I have some extra knowledge about the movie world I have re-watched my favorites. Mostly, I have noticed, I still like them and Charlie and the Chocolate Factory is no exception. The first thing people should know is that this movie is directed by Tim Burton – one of my favorite directors out there. He is different, he is…

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